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An Animated History of Poland ~ Kuriositas


The Polish history (2010 Shanghai Expo) from Lotuspole on Vimeo.

This animated video of the history of Poland was featured in the Polish Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo 2010.  Being half Polish (and living amongst one of the largest Polish populations in the world), it’s a bit shameful that I don’t know much about Polish history outside of the 20th Century.

While this video is very cool, I don’t know how many blanks it filled.  I recently listened to the series of Hardcore History podcasts about the Mongol Empire, so I recognized the Mongol/Polish  clashes.  Recognized Copernicus and Chopin and then the 20th century; the remainder gave me an idea of what went on, but not enough to say I know the history.    This video is going to be my jumping off point.

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